When We Last Left the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Infinity War Edition

It’s a vastly different Marvel Cinematic Universe from when we last saw all our heroes on screen in  Captain America: Civil War. Here are all the big events that shaped the MCU leading into Avengers: Infinity War, told through the eyes of various characters in the world!

<Spoiler Warning for the previous Marvel Movies>

Wakanda Opens Up to the World

Storysofar Wakanda

United Nations Headquarters- It’s an exciting day today as King T’challa, and his political contingent from the Nation of Wakanda has announced that it will be opening up its borders and resources to the free world.

This statement was found humorous by certain members of the Council , with one gentleman remarking that Wakanda was a third-world country with no particular value. He was staunchly proven wrong as King T’Challa activated some form of beads on his hand and treated the whole council to a glorious exhibition of all of Wakanda’s technology that surpasses even the latest StarkTech from the past few decades. Among the presentation was a curious demonstration of a nigh-indestructible  alloy called Vibranium. 

King T’Challa denied to comment on any involvement with the mysterious Black Panther who has been active in the Masked Community since the Super Hero Civil War last April. He also refused to address and the recent Uprising within Wakanda which involved an american black ops agent identified as one Erik Kilmonger.

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The Sokovia Accords are Ratified

StorySoFar Sokovia Accords

Washington DC– It’s been a busy week here at the Senate following the tragic incident at Lagos earlier this month. Sources close to the law-making body have remarked that there have been significant efforts to expedite the enactment of what will be known as the Sokovia Accords. The said law seeks to enforce some form of registration and formal training upon the meta-human community hopefully resulting in increased accountability for their actions and various operations around the globe.

These Accords have been deemed necessary, according to sources, following the recent rash of meta-human related tragedies in New York, Sokovia, Korea, London and Washington DC. The latest incident in Lagos was allegedly brought about when Avenger Scarlet Witch failed to contain a catastrophic explosion in the heart of Lagos resulting in the deaths of several visiting Wakandan Humanitarian Workers. The failed operation was composed of members of the New Avengers faction namely, Black Widow, Falcon, Scarlet Witch and was led by Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

More on the story as it happens. Daily Bugle


The Avengers Disassemble

Story so Far Avengers

“It was a truly epic and harrowing scene here today in Leipzig-Halle International Airport when members of the Avengers faction seemingly came to blows for the first time since the organization was created.

The altercation saw a line drawn between its various members as on one side lay Iron-man, War Machine, The Vision, Black Widow along with some new unfamiliar faces identified as The Black Panther and Spider-man. On the other side was Captain America, James Barnes, The Falcon, Hawk-Eye, Scarlet Witch and oddly enough, the Ant-Man from the incident in San Francisco months ago.

The brawl left the airport in a massive heap as it culminated in a high-speed aerial chase as Rogers and Barnes attempted to escape via aircraft as Iron-Man and War Machine gave chase. War Machine was disabled and suffered a tremendous fall from high altitude forcing Iron-Man to disengage and account for his friend Col. James Rhodes, who was piloting the suit.

As of the moment, all members of the altercation have been accounted for except for Barnes, Rogers and Stark as well as the mysterious Black Panther who managed to slip away during the scuffle.

Live from Germany, this has been Karen Page for The New York Bulletin.”

Captain America: Fugitive!

StorsoFarCaptain America Fugitive

…We interrupt his report for some breaking news, We are now getting word that the meta-human known as Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America as well as his compatriot James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes have been declared wanted fugitives. Barnes and Rogers were last spotted heading towards the African City of Wakanda.

The suspects should be treated as armed and extremely dangerous.

Should you have any information regarding their whereabouts please contact the numbers listed below.

Dr. Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supreme

Story So Far Stephen Strange


Director Fury,

This is in regards to your inquiry about the recent temporal anomalies in Manhattan. It would seem as though there’s a new player in the game, sir, Dr. Stephen Strange. I’m sure you’re familiar with his highly publicized prowess as a neurosurgeon. The good doctor has dropped off the grid in the recent months and when he resurfaced, he appears to be sporting a far more interesting set of skills. I’ve detailed the rest in my full report below.

Just a head’s up.

Maria Hill, Chief Intelligence Officer

Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division

The Truth About Star-lord

Story So Far, Star Lord

Hello, beloved readers of the Daily Bugle, This is, uhm, Chett Jackson, your regular, uh.. writer that is TOTALLY NOT Peter Quill a.k.a Star-Lord, Interstellar Hero ™.  

I have recently come in contact with the dashing and mysterious Peter Quill and he has disclosed to me the circumstances of his parentage, as eager readers have surely always wanted to know.  So it turns out that I am  He was actually the son of  Ego The Living Planet, an ancient all-powerful being hell- bent on remaking the Universe as we know it in his own twisted image. Yeah, he was a huge douche and Star-lord never liked him, even when he showed Star-lord how to unlock his awesome Celestial Powers and turned into David Hasselhoff that one time.

Star-lord and The Guardians of the Galaxy managed to defeat the evil Ego while picking up some awesome new friends along the way (Hi Mantis and Nebula! It’s me Peter!) while losing some dear ones too…

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Stan Lee confirmed to be Agent of the Watchers


Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-2-Stan-Lee-Watchers-feature (1)

What can I say true believers, I have cameos in articles now too! Excelsior!‘”

-Stan Lee

Spider-Man Surfaces

Story So Far Spiderman
(Photos by: Bugle Intern P. Parker)

New York- It seems a new costumed freak has reared his ugly webbed head, and he looks like a real menace. The people of New York have seen sightings of this illusive Spider Man all around the city and social media but its only recently that he’s escalated his clandestine activities to a much more public spotlight. The Spider-twerp even seems to be sporting a new disguise to better hide his ugly mug and was also spotted talking to himself  by several bystanders. A real looney toon, this one.

The Spider-Brat was seen recently consorting with that Billionaire burnout Iron-Man after a disaster THEY CAUSED on the Docks a week ago. He has also been sighted having a altercation with that weird Vulture-thing above the skies of Manhattan. Power struggle? Drug Deal gone bad? Who knows! All I know is, its nothing good.

Rest assured that your old pal J. Jonah Jameson won’t let these masked maroons run amok in our beloved city and The Bugle and I will be bringing you the latest updates on their buffoonery every time and everywhere they show their disgusting mugs. Daily Bugle

The Death of Asgard

StorsoFar Asgard

This is from the Journal of Dr. Stephen Strange Entry 616:

“I have seen terrible things today. The Asgardian Brothers that came to me for help, Thor and Loki, I wish I could’ve given them more assistance. They’ve… They’ve lost everything. In an last ditch gambit to defeat their sister Hela, they unleashed the Fire Demon Surtur and brought the Ragnarok, the end of all things, to Asgard. Now they drift through space on a salvaged Asgardian Vessel with only a handful of allies, The Hulk, Valkyrie, Heimdall, Korg and Miek, along with the rest of the last surviving Asgardians.

All is not lost however, Thor might have suffered the loss of his precious hammer, Mjolnir but he has gained the full power of a Lightning God. His brother Loki has also chosen to stand by his side having found a new kinship together with what they when through in Sakaar. They will need each other, for I suspect that there is a  far greater threat that looms over the horiz…

Oh no.. 


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