When We Last Left the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Infinity War Edition

It’s a vastly different Marvel Cinematic Universe from when we last saw all our heroes on screen in  Captain America: Civil War. Here are all the big events that shaped the MCU leading into Avengers: Infinity War, told through the eyes of various characters in the world!

<Spoiler Warning for the previous Marvel Movies>

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In the Car After (Ep. 19) Captain America: Civil War

In the Car After is finally back after a bit of a hiatus! We’ll explain in next week’s episode but for now enjoy this one!

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How Captain America knew about Tony’s parents- Civil War Ending Explained [Spoilers]

We might have already seen the exact scene where Cap finds out.

(Warning: Spoilers for Captain America:Civil War. I will detail a very crucial plot point essential to the climax of the movie. Please do not read if you have not watched it.)

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Here’s our favorite quote from The Civil War Comics


Captain America: Civil War is finally upon us and its looking to shake up the foundations of the established Marvel Cinematic Universe. I remember that the original Civil War event in the comics was one of the very first comics that really hooked and enthralled me for Marvel content. It was engaging, evocative and thought provoking as it pitted Hero against Hero, Family against Family in an unprecedented battle of philosophies over the Superhuman Registration Act. Here is one of my favorite quotes from the storyline that has stuck with me through the years:

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The Road to Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is just around the corner, so let us provide you with a refresher course on how we arrived to this epic war of ideologies.


Civil War 1

First off, a brief background on the source material. Civil War came about due to a superhero reality show gone awry, with the New Warriors discovering some super villain escapees of Ryker’s Island in a small town. Short story, one of the villains, Nitro, exploded which caused the death of hundreds of people including children from a nearby elementary school. With that, the US Government sought to enact the Superhero Registration Bill that would require every masked hero/vigilante to register with the government and be regulated by it, and anyone who opposes or fails to register would be regarded as a fugitive.

Ironman initially opposed the proposed bill but in the end sided with the Registration Act on the ground that the heroes must be accountable for their actions and should first be trained and certified by the government before being allowed to fight crime. Captain America, on the other hand, fought for his Constitutional right and opposed the act on the basis of protecting his identity and the safety of the people that he cares about. From here, a divide was created and the heroes took their sides, either with Ironman or with Captain America.

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In The Car After (Ep.15) Deadpool


In this week’s episode we talk about Deadpool!

So straight up confession: We’re pretty lukewarm on the movie, probably because our expectations were so bloated and hyped up which we know is not the best way to enjoy a movie. We also know that we are in the absolute minority in this and if you liked the movie that is also absolutely, perfectly fine.  We do get into how we feel about it in the recording which starts at 19:25 after this week’ But First Some News.

We also get to talk about The Cinefilipino Film Festival 2016 featuring Buhay Habangbuhay, a local comicbook turned into a movie; The Ghostbusters Reboot; The new Prison Break Reboot, and Denise gives us the lowdown on the recent developments in the WWE  and Road to Wrestlemania 2016!


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Pick of the Geek (January 11-17, 2016)

Secret Wars 9


The pick of the geek for this week would mainly focus on the comic book side of things, since its a quiet week in the realm of TV and movies. So without further adieu, here are the Geekend Gladiator’s pick of the geek!

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Top 10 Movies We’re Excited to See in 2016



2016 promises to be an exciting one for movie-goers and hardcore fans! And with a lot of movies begging for your money, its tough to pick-out the ones that deserve your well-earned dough. So allow us to make your lives simple so that you won’t break the bank this year with the 10 movies we’re excited to see this 2016 (in no particular order).

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Pick of the Geek (03 – 09 January 2016)


invincible ironman 5


A new year, a new week, thus a new Pick of the Geek!

This week, several TV Shows return from their Christmas break, Year 5 of Injustice debuts, and the return of Star Wars The Force Awakens cap-off a promising year of geekiness.

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What to expect in Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones is just a mere two weeks (or less) from premiering on Netflix on November 20, 2015. However, details have been little to none on what the show is about, what’s known though is that the show will be based on the graphic novel Alias, written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Michael Gaydos. After knowing such, we did our homework and read the book, and here’s our thoughts on what to expect on Jessica Jones.

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